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Let Redwood Take Care of Your Lending Needs

Meeting the needs of today's real estate lender is what Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc. is all about.

We understand that every lender, whether an individual or an institution, has special needs. Redwood makes it a priority to meet those needs with accurate and competent service. Whether your loan is performing or non-performing, Redwood has the staff and personnel to take care of every detail throughout the life of the loan. Our highly trained people have been servicing lenders for over two decades.

At Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc. we strive to provide both PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL service to all parties involved.

Redwood provides a variety of services including foreclosure services, loan servicing, reconveyance and limited document preparation for our clients. Redwood's desire is to provide its clients with knowledge and expertise unsurpassed in this industry, yet provide the personal one-on-one contact that seems to be missing in most businesses today.

We are licensed by the Department of Real Estate (Lic. #01277507) and we make it a priority to stay updated on recent changes to the Civil Code and case law, both of which govern what we do. We go out of our way to ensure that each loan is treated as if it were our very own. We are big enough to be experienced and competent, yet small enough to know each of our clients by name.

Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc. is head-quartered in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. The company originally started processing California foreclosures in 1988 as an "in-house" trustee for a private-money mortgage company. Stanley Briggs, the owner of the mortgage company, found most trustees at that time to be difficult to work with and found that they required much more documentation than should have been necessary.

Consequently, Mr. Briggs began processing his own foreclosures on those loans he serviced. In early 1990, he hired Robert Cullen to assist him with the day to day duties of a trustee. In 1992, with several years of experience under their belts, Mr. Briggs decided to create Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc. In 1995, Stanley Briggs sold his share of the company to its co-founders, Robert and Cindy Cullen. Mr. Cullen has remained president of Redwood since that time.

Since the mid-1990's, Redwood has steadily grown through referrals from clients, title companies and attorneys. It has expanded its services to include loan servicing. Redwood is an active member of the United Trustee's Association (UTA, formerly California Trustee's Association) and California Mortgage Association (CMA). Staying updated on the latest changes to the Civil Code and other State and Federal laws has contributed to Redwood's successful history in one of the most regulated industries.

Redwood's growth has not hindered its ability to provide excellent service to its clients. On the contrary, by offering the full spectrum of services, Redwood has made it possible for real estate lenders to reach their objectives in a more efficient and professional manner.

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